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Ron Mayron has a rich experience in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry, having served for over 20 years in several key positions and senior management positions in the field of pharmaceuticals in the local and global market, his former positions as the CEO of Teva Israel and Vice President of Israel and Africa at Teva. In recent years, he has served as director and chairman of several private and public companies in the fields of life sciences.

His vast and long experience in management, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, business development and strategic development will greatly contribute to achieving Amendiss goals.

Ron Mayron: “I am happy for the opportunity to lead Amendis towards a promising and innovative product that will dramatically improve the quality of life of many head and neck cancer patients. Cancer is one of the main causes of mortality in the West and developments that allow for the better treatment and higher chances of recovery are extremely important.”

Amendis addresses a significant unmet market need – to dramatically reduce the number of unnecessary surgeries to detect metastasis in head and neck cancer patients.

Its unique kit investigates the RNA extracted from the tumor sample and evaluates a variety of relevant genes that have been carefully selected following many years of research. The development of metastasis can be predicted based on the behavior of these genes. Using the test results as a clinical aid, the oncologists will be able to make more informed decisions as to whether or not it is necessary to operate in order to determine metastasis. The test is fast, accurate and safe.

According to the company’s assessment, routine use of Amendis’s technology will improve the diagnostic process and prevent a significant portion of unnecessary neck surgeries performed on tongue cancer patients.

The company’s development will have a direct positive effect on the quality of life of many patients and will ease the burden on the health system due to saving on surgeries, some of which are performed unnecessarily today due to the lack of other solutions for detecting metastasis.

Dr. Gil Pogozelich, director of the company: “We ate excited to welcome Ron Mayron as the Chairman of Amendis. His familiarity with the world of health, the processes involved in this type of development and his experience with the international market are necessary to advance the company’s goals and bring exposure to the medical and business world.”

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