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Amendis will start a limited validation study of its predictive diagnostic test based on actual cases

May 26, 2020

Amendis, whose primary objective is to minimize unnecessary surgery on neck cancer patients, has announced that it is initiating a limited validation study of its predictive diagnostic test based on actual cases.

At present, following a diagnosis of throat cancer, a surgeon is compelled to perform an elective neck dissection when the thickness of the tumor is greater than 3mm, in order to try and prevent metastasis. Such dissections are inherently complicated and often result in permanent damage to the patient that affect his/her quality of life.

However, 70% of these surgeries turn out to be unnecessary, as the tumor remains local. Unfortunately, there is no accurate way of predicting in which cases dissection is nonessential.

The innovative patented technology developed by Amendis is designed to minimize the number of unnecessary surgeries currently being performed.  Amendis provides a scientifically proven genomic diagnostic test that uses AI machine learning to predict if the disease will become metastatic. The test is based on the tissue obtained from the patient’s biopsy.

The first validation study will be held at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, and is scheduled for July 2020.

The study signals the start of the implementation of this breakthrough solution in personalized medicine for head and neck cancer patients. The technology will significantly improve patients’ quality of life, reducing unnecessary surgeries by 40%.

Upon completion of the limited study the company will conduct extended clinical trials at three separate medical centers. This is expected to take place in early 2021.

The technology is the result of research carried out by Dr. Yoav Smith, and the solution was developed in cooperation together with Dr. Nirsh Hirshhorn. Dr. Smith serves as Amendis’s CTO, and until recently he was the Head of the Genomic Data Analysis Unit at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Dr. Hishhorn serves as Amendis’s Medical Director, and is a Senior Oncological Surgeon at the Ear Nose and Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Department at the Hadassah Medical Center Jerusalem.

Dr. Yoav Smith stated: “Performing the validation study on human tissue will demonstrate the system’s capabilities of accurate early diagnosis of throat cancer and will lead to prevention of unnecessary surgeries. The application of Amendis’s tests by oncologists as a decision aid prior to deciding upon surgery will make a revolutionary change in improving the personalized medicine for head and neck cancer patients.”




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